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Monday, January 3, 2011

Last Hope Cat Kingdom's Urgent Plea

Early New Years morning, Last Hope Cat Kingdom was all but destroyed by an electrical fire that swept thru the Cat Sanctuary.  Although tremendously sad, it was my privilege to meet over 60 kittehs at The Rainbow Bridge.
Photograph: Last Hope Cat Kingdom and Pepi all crossing OYRB together. Picture by @PepiSmartDog.
I have included an INSIDE piccie of my Pram! Here we all are: over 60 kittehs and myself, all traveling across the Universe, on our way to The Rainbow Bridge Garden, where all our Pals were gathered for this momentous occasion.  My Pram is just like me: small on the outside but BIG inside!  Just like The Tardis!  Many of you who already know me will know about my fully stocked Bar, thermos's of hot milk cocoa, and a great array of treats, along with a well stocked musical selection of CDs.
Photograph: happier days at Last Hope Cat kingdom before the fire. Picture by Last Hope.            
Before I set off to meet the kittehs, lots of little paws already OTRB, worked tirelessly making over 60 Gold Helmets!  The 60+ kittehs and I had a pawty trip!  Once we actually crossed over the Bridge, everyone instantly got their new "stuff" (like I got new eyes and new kidneys), then the pawty started!  We danced and sang and laughed and shook our little butts to the beat of each song.  Many of the kittehs had not danced for years, because they were Golden Oldies.  We made sure we were all set to enjoy the Welcome Banquet that awaited us.
Photograph: happy and contented Golden Oldies before the fire.  Picture by Last Hope.
I am pleased to announce each kitteh was welcomed by @RudyCKat's Spa & Beautification Team, where they were individually pampered and made beautiful, ready to enter their OTRB Welcome Banquet.  Expect the skies to be extra sparkly over California!  Every day we all go to the Waving Cloud to wave to our loved ones.  You will know it is your kitteh's waving by all the flickering stars.  They are our smiles!
Photograph: survivor kittehs of Last Hope's fire, setting off to emergency foster homes. Picture by Last Hope.
Cat Sanctuary:
Early New Years morning an electrical fire took hold of the Last Hope Cat Kingdom.  Over 60 cats were killed and hundreds injured, many seriously.  Most of the cats killed were Golden Oldies who had never received their own "Forever Family".  These Golden Oldies lived in the Cat kingdom for many years, always hopeful "their family" would come one day.  The Last Hope Cat kingdom is the only no-kill animal sanctuary in Merced County in California's Valley.  Founded 4 years ago, it has lots of acreage for dogs, horses, goats and other animals.
Photograph: burnt entrance into the Cat Sanctuary. Picture by Last Hope.
An urgent call has been put out for any type of donation!  Blankets, towels, cat toys, pet food, and money is now desperately needed! Also, dog houses, large crates and tarps are also urgently needed.  No donation is too small !! The owner and volunteers are all utterly devastated.  Damage is estimated at US$25,000.
Photograph: aftermath of the fire that engulfed the Cat Sanctuary.  Picture by Last Hope.
Although the 2,500 square foot Cat Sanctuary has cat-doors leading outside, it appears most of the cats were too confused to use the exit doors.  The cats that died were taken to Franklin Pet Cemetery, where they will be cremated.  The company offered the service at no charge. 
Photograph: volunteers who had known each cat for many years.  Picture by Last Hope.
Those who want to help can make donations through  Or Phone Henry at (209)947-4175, or by visiting the sanctuary at 6660 Bailey Road in Atwater, CA. 
The Last Hope Cat kingdom was built in memory of the owner's 29 year old daughter, who was shot and killed in a domestic violence episode, just 2 years ago.  The owner, Renate Schmitz, has dedicated her life to raising her 2 young grandchildren and keeping the Last Hope Cat Kingdom open, as this was her own daughter's life's dream.


  1. Thank you Pepi for helping these sweet kittehs cross OTRB. So many crossing at one time, Mom has leaky eyes seeing them all in your pram. We thank you once again for all you do for anipals who cross OTRB, you are our hero!
    Love you Pepi!
    <3 Lily

  2. How can we comprehend such a loss.Thank you Pepi for such a loving welcome OTRB

  3. Oh Pepi - dat is the saddest thing - all those lovely kitties killed in a fire. Thank you for making their crossing special. You and your ooman are very special, and we love you both.

  4. Pepi it is hard to imagine such an incredibe loss. thank you for your amazing, loving welcome to these special 60+ kittehs OTRB XO

  5. I am just so saddened that those kitties lives were cut off by fire it is the most terrifying thought thank goodness you were there for them.

  6. I did not know about this. My eyes are leaking at the thought of so many kitties dying like that in pain and confusion. Thank goodness you and your crew are always on the ready to help them cross. I hope everyone who reads this sends a little help for the animals there still in need so they can rebuild, even if it's just a dollar or two.

  7. This is such a tragedy. Those poor kitties...trapped in that fire. Oh doggness; I don't even know what to say.

    Thank doggness you were there to greet them and guide them OTRB. Its heart-warming to know they are with you.
    xxx Oz

  8. To think of those poor kitties, I just can't bear it - thank you for your loving welcome to them, and I hope many of us will rush to the owner's aid.

  9. Wow... we have never seen a blog like this! It made our Mama feel kinda sad because she has two special doggies and a birdy who crossed the Rainbow Bridge before she met us. Mama likes to think of the Waving Cloud and we will look for Chopper, Zip and Woody up there!

  10. This is an incredibly sad post. The owners must feel devastated at the loss of the pets.