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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My New Rainbow Bridge Website !

Hi Pals, did you know I moved my website to a new place? is my new Rainbow Bridge blog, where I have all my blogs on the one website:

Please come across and visit me; it's where I hang out now.
Hope to see you soon!  :=o)


  1. hawooo! We will go check it out,


  2. Great friends last forever, you know, even transcending lifetimes :) Your new website is so cute, Pepi. I once heard that a dog is the only thing on Earth that can love you more than you love yourself. Just take the film, "I am Legend", for example. Speaking of which, my sister and I just bought two Siberian Huskies a few weeks ago and fortunately, we're getting the hang of their naughtiness.

    Sage Aumick

    1. "I am Legend" is one of my favorite films, man. To be honest, I don't have a dog, however, that doesn't mean I don't like dogs. :) My nieces have some and I take care of them two or three times a week. Anyway, your new website is good, Pepi; not to mention that you also have a classy banner!

      Darcy Kammerer

  3. The dogs wearing bathrobes at Rudy’s look so cool and cute. Haha! Continue to post more funny dog pictures on your website, bro. Humorous people would definitely swarm your website, especially the dog lovers.

    Bryan Douglas