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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pepi's Happy 1st Anniversary OTRB

Hi everyone, I'm PepiSmartDog.
Mum wanted to write my First Anniversary Memorial blog but I said "Thanks Mum, but errr, no thanks."  So you can put your tissues away cause this is a Happy Anniversary story !  Woot ! Woot !  

I was a happy dog and my 1st Anniversary has to be happy.   My Big Day was 16th September, 2009, at 6.30pm.  Mum was going to write something covered in tears but no-one would be able to read the messy type.  BOL !

Thought you might enjoy seeing some little videos of me ! BOL !  It’s me just “being a dog”.  Although I was a big multi-media celebrity, when the media photographers went home, I was a just regular little hairy guy.  In each video I was 18 years old, just a few months before I crossed OTRB.
(Video is only 13 seconds & the poodle is Susie, my next door neighbor dog) :

Wanna see me going fast ?  (14 seconds)  Check out my moves :

On my Big Day, @Henryandfriends got out his truck and drove everyone to the Rainbow Bridge, to wave me over the Bridge.  Mum was incredibly touched by everyone’s kindness, and will never forget it !  Then @GeorgeTheDuck made the most amazing piccie of everyone riding on Henry's truck !  Mum almost fainted when she saw this !  It was so wonderful !  It is still one of her favorite piccies to this day.

When I crossed OTRB, @PuzTheCat and @ChatteMuse met me at The Bridge and we had a grand old time at my Welcome Banquet.  That’s when I decided everyone who crosses OTRB should have the same grand welcome.  In the last 12 months I’ve been privileged to meet many Pals as they arrive OTRB.  Our Welcome Banquets are now legendary !  
Being OTRB certainly hasn’t slowed me up !  My buddies are still my buddies, and now I have even more new buddies !  “Life” is a real hoot ! Now I don’t recommend you rush to get here, but when you do arrive, we do a lot of really cool things !  

During this last year I also won an Anipal Academy Award !  Plus a “Star” on the Walk of Fame !  *struts around showing off for a quick minute*
The Awards I won were a complete surprise to Mum and I !  We had no idea and we were both very moved by everyone’s kind votes.  The next day, when the FedX truck pulled up, you should have seen Mum’s face !  BOL !  And the neighbors too ! They all saw a box arrive, that was addressed to “Pepi” ! *throwing #Mansequins in the air*

Mum has my Award on display and I overheard her talking to some people about a “Pepi Update” Media article.  I’ll keep you posted !  Soon I will share my life story with everyone on my Personal Blog: “Smart Dog Blog”.  I will be sure to let you all know when I get that done.

I haven’t just been laying around on fluffy clouds either !  I invented #Mansequins and created "Fierce Style", and then became a Journalist with The Anipal Times, where I write "Sparklicious" Fashion, the OTRB Column, plus The Personals and I even write Book Reviews !  Stop by and read my articles sometime, I’m sure you’ll get a few giggles.  Please leave a comment too; I read every comment.  Here’s a piccie of one of our ATs Staff Meetings, with @CokieTheCat and @JazzydaCat;  Cokie is our ATs Editor & Chief.

I have also become a “Barktender”.   I’m a rather flamboyant Barktender, tossing Blenders in the air and tipping Fridges over.  I can boast the most beautiful delivery Hostesses though: my "OTRB Pepi Showgirls" !  They never spill the drinks either.  In-between serving drinks, we dance up a storm !  Probably too many Shazam Wonder's ! specialty drink....1/2 hour later, you wonder: "Why am I dancing? "  BOL !

I know Mum misses me every single day.  We used to run 6 miles every day but now she just can’t run without me.  I keep reminding her I’m right here with her....but most of all, I live on in her heart.   Time and space aren’t going to change anything, because she is my “forever family”.  One day when Mum finds herself at The Rainbow Bridge,  I’ll be waiting for my Pram.  Then we will be together again, forever.  Together, we are a “forever family”.

I can’t finish without mentioning my favorite signature songs: 
 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by "Israel Kamakawiwo  
"Born Free"   Beautiful short Piano Concerto 
"Born Free" sung by  Andy Williams 
"The Circle of Life" by Elton John & Tim Rice

Beautiful piccie by my dear friend @ChatteMuse XXX  Note Bubby Kangaroo's Mommy scattering gold   for all Pals everywhere.....Most stunning picture !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome @TheNascarKitty OTRB

How fitting that our first loved Pal to arrive at our OTRB blog is @TheNascarKitty.  Many of you know him as Tommy Tiger, or simply Tommy.  He runs the #NipClub, a smokey bacon establishment of fun !  

I was privileged to drive Tommy's brofur @_Bill_The_Cat in my Pram, and together we met Tommy at the Rainbow Bridge.  Our drive involved a bit of dancing and lots of music !  We looked very spiffy in our Gold Helmets !  As often happens, when we arrived at the grounds of the Banquet Hall, Tommy and Bill ran around like crazy kittehs, for quite some time.  

TheNascarKitty, brofur Bill & Pepi
This was a big deal, because Tommy hasn't been able to run for some time;  not since his old hips started to play up.When Bill and Tommy were up in the tall trees, still wearing their Gold Helmets, they looked like 2 gold coconuts !  BOL ! 
It sure was a nice moment when Tommy and @DCKitty were reunited !  "At Last" by Etta James  ♫

DCKitty & TheNascarKitty
You can't begin to imagine the mayhem we got up to during Tommy's Welcome Banquet.  @ChatteMuse and her sisfur Hailey, led the Conga line.  @_Bill_The_Cat  was singing non-stop.  @Ri_Guy was doing a dance called "Crumping".  *good lord*  How he didn't pull a muscle was beyond me !  I offered to play the bagpipes and everyone shouted "NO" !  I would have loved to have seen Riley Crumping to my bagpipes !  BOL !

Ri_Guy (bottom) & MedusaJ (top)
Then @MedusaJ followed Riley and did a dance called "Chomping".   BOL !!  It involved a lot of teeth flashing as she kicked her heels up and spun in all directions.  This was rather amazing because Medusa only got her new teeth since she arrived here OTRB (she didn't have hardly any teeth before).

Throughout all this, TommyTiger danced and pawtied like an old paw !  He has settled into the Rainbow Bridge purrfectly.  It's rather exciting for all of us, because we now have #NipClub non-stop.  BOL !

#NipClub fun
You can look forward to seeing @TheNascarKitty popping up quite regularly in our OTRB antics piccies.

A special reminder to everyone: @Ri_Guy would have been 11 years old today !  So tonight, Riley will probably eat 11 pizzas !  BOL ! *I better get the breath mints out !*
If you have a story of a Pal here OTRB, please contact me here, or @PepiSmartDog on Twitter, and I will include your story too.
Remember that we love you !
*looking out from my Pram*   What a View !

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Welcome to our OTRB Blog !

Pepi, Ersle & sisfur Sophie, all relaxing in the Rainbow Garden
I am carrying the love and smiles of all your loved Pals over the 'Rainbow Bridge'.  
If you are feeling sad, spend some time here with us.  Just because we are OTRB doesn't mean we don't have fun !  In this blog we will share our antics with you.  Be warned though: giggles will be involved !  
This blog is written in a positive light;  we already know going OTRB is a very sad time for Staff, but we want to share our fun times with you !  We all lived full lives, we were dearly loved and we all thought we'd live forever.  Then we discovered OTRB !  We can eat anything and do everything !  Life is a hoot.  When Pals cross OTRB, Staff spend lots of time for crying, but sometimes we all need some happy times too !  

Each one of us were really happy pets.  We don't want our Staff to spend the rest of their days crying.   We were happy ! We want our Staff to be happy and remember all the fun times we shared with them.  Besides, we will all be together again, as soon as our Staff's time on earth is completed.  
Time and space does not change anything....nothing can separate us from our "forever family".  We are not gone.  In spirit we are everywhere, but most of all we live on in our loved Staff's heart.
One day our Staff will find themselves at The Rainbow Bridge, and we will be there waiting for them, never to be separated again.  

So if you are overcome with sadness, please spend time here with us and learn to feel the warmth of the sun on your face again, and in your heart.  Let us help you remember how to smile again.

If you know a Pal who has crossed the RB, please let me know so I can include them in our blog.  This blog is for ALL Pals ! 

Our signature song is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", by 
Israel Kamakawiwo Ole   
Turn the volume on high and play it loud and think of us !

For evey-one who has a Pal  OTRB, this song is for you:
 "The Dance"  ♫ 

Our other Signature song:  "Born Free"
Join together as one and sing the words of Born Free, along with Andy Williams...
......this song is for every Pal on earth, in the sky, or......
 Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Many Pals have joined me OTRB, scroll thru our 5 Photo Collage categories and enjoy seeing all your Pals again. 
The first category is "Best Heart Melting Eyes".  Be careful if they look at you because you won't be able to resist anything they want. Maybe you should put on some 'Safety Glasses' for your own protection !  Many of them are "Golden Oldies", much loved and learned Pals, who gave many years of faithful service to their families.  Every single Pal melts their forever families heart, but some of us got it captured on film.

 Honoring: OTRB Best Heart Melting Eyes ! Part One:
 Photos clockwise from left: @PuzTheCat, @ChatteMuse, @ChatteMuse 's Hailey, @BozziePup 's Carmen, @BozziePup himself, @Cowboy_The_Dog 's Scamp, @PierreThePoodle 's Deniro, @Elvis_Cat 's Skye & @PepiSmartDog, @PierreThePoodle 's Charlie, @Dogstoyevsky 's Terry Ellis, @Snick_The_Dog 's MissBrandyWine, @Pinofurry 's Piccola, @Danapixie 's Jonathon, @JoyRecruiteRite 's Scamp, LadyCruella 's Reggie, Center: @Zaziart 's Chip, @JoyRecruiteRite 's Sandy, @ForeverGinger 's Levi.

 Honoring: OTRB Best Heart Melting Eyes !
Part Two:
 Photos clockwise from left: @CokieTheCat 's Wynnie, @DianeCarmony 's Kelly, @SwtGeorgiaBrwn, @TombshopMom 's LillyBeth, @_Bill_The_Cat, @CokieTheCat 's Ronni & @Athena & @PepiSmartDog, @Flacatlady 's Buddy, @Spike_Cat 's Phoebe, @DCKitty, @Ersle, @Wagglebutts 's Macey, @Therealdigger 's Ben, @MaerleeMatlin 's Annie, @Flatcatlady 's Buddy,  Centre: @DrBert 's Radar, @Wagglebutts 's Nickles, @Ri_Guy.

Our next category is "Smiles" because we love to laugh !

Honoring OTRB Best Smiles:
Photos clockwise from left:  @MontyTheWonderDog, @CeasarMilan 's Daddy, @Roxy_S_F, @OwnedbyaCat 's Rowdy, @MedusaJ,  @Sidthecatahoula 's Otis,  @PrincessGwenie 's Jack, @TabooTalulabel 's Jinx, @CJDoggirl 's RayRay, @RudyTKat, @Neilhimself, @R0O, @Inquarters14 's PepeDennis, Center:  @TheRustCat, @Sidthecatahoula 's Eddie, @PuppyJone 's Starbuck, @WhereIsBuddy 's Dusty, @PepiSmartDog, @CJDoggirl 's BrookieLynn

This category is the fun stuff ! Strap on your helmets and tighten your harnesses !  These are our "Action" Pals !  
These Pals love to play hard, jump high & run fast & still manage to look good at the same time!   

 Honoring: OTRB Best Action Pals !
 Photos clockwise from left: @InformedFerrets 's Lance, @TheHuskyDog 's Misty, @MisterBlackie, @We3Ratties 's Allan and Miles, @LadyCruella 's Reggie, @SantinaKitteh 's SirLeo (Snr Agility Dog of Canada !), @BostieMom 's Toby, @MaxieCat, @HaloButterBuns 's Lex, @PansyThePup, Center: @SamTheCatRocks, @AylaLab 's PhineasPhig, @RachelReese 's SnakeCatcher, @Lambertfan8 's Chewie

Humans can not resist our "VooDoo" spell we put on them.
They point the camera at us and we just do it.  Next thing, humans are giving us treats ! Let's Honor the "Best VooDoo Eyes" 

Honoring OTRB Best VooDoo Eyes !
   Part ONE: Photos clockwise from left: @SadLovelyHeart 's Miaow, @TabooTalulabel 's Jinx, @Wagglebutts 's Sneakers, @Inquarters14 's WandaJune,  @JazzyDaCat 's Holly, @BorisKitty 's Picasso, @Bob,  @ThePixelMoon 's Cassidy, @CJDoggirl 's Froddo, @CagneyTheCat 's Lacey, @LexiLouDog, Center: @RecycledDoggie 's Beau, @WhereIsBuddy 's Angie, @Inquarters14 's Watson.

Honoring: OTRB Best Voo-Doo Eyes !
 Part TWO:  Photos clockwise from left: @Mollie_the_Cat, @Fuzzypigz 's Gracie, @Quadpaw 's OscarTheCat, @BorisKitty 's Picasso, @ThePrincesLil, @MrsFishstick 's Nestles, @HumanOfToonces 's Callie, @IamZorro 's Kitty, @IamZorro 's Tinkerbell, @Hoppelez 's Hoppel, @BlackyBoy, Center: @SmokeyPoodle 's Elly, @Horace.

Our next category is "Babies"  Who can resist a Baby ?  We even have the cutest babies amongst us !  Please give our "OTRB Babies" a big welcome & a big tickle :  *Appaws**Appaws**Appaws*    Look how CUTE they are !

Honoring: OTRB Babies ! 
 Photos clockwise from left: @FuzzyMice 's Survivor, @Bijntje 's friend Nala (Beluga Whale calf), @FuzzyMice 's Middy2, @FuzzyMice 's bitty Tina, @FuzzyMice 's Tiger, @Kailey2004 's Josie. 

To all the "Golden Oldies":  we salute you for the on-going example you continue to set for our young Pals still growing and learning. *bows to all Golden Oldies*
Long live Golden Oldies !

From all of us OTRB, please remember:
 We love you !

*looking out of my Pram*
What a view !