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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pepi's Happy 1st Anniversary OTRB

Hi everyone, I'm PepiSmartDog.
Mum wanted to write my First Anniversary Memorial blog but I said "Thanks Mum, but errr, no thanks."  So you can put your tissues away cause this is a Happy Anniversary story !  Woot ! Woot !  

I was a happy dog and my 1st Anniversary has to be happy.   My Big Day was 16th September, 2009, at 6.30pm.  Mum was going to write something covered in tears but no-one would be able to read the messy type.  BOL !

Thought you might enjoy seeing some little videos of me ! BOL !  It’s me just “being a dog”.  Although I was a big multi-media celebrity, when the media photographers went home, I was a just regular little hairy guy.  In each video I was 18 years old, just a few months before I crossed OTRB.
(Video is only 13 seconds & the poodle is Susie, my next door neighbor dog) :

Wanna see me going fast ?  (14 seconds)  Check out my moves :

On my Big Day, @Henryandfriends got out his truck and drove everyone to the Rainbow Bridge, to wave me over the Bridge.  Mum was incredibly touched by everyone’s kindness, and will never forget it !  Then @GeorgeTheDuck made the most amazing piccie of everyone riding on Henry's truck !  Mum almost fainted when she saw this !  It was so wonderful !  It is still one of her favorite piccies to this day.

When I crossed OTRB, @PuzTheCat and @ChatteMuse met me at The Bridge and we had a grand old time at my Welcome Banquet.  That’s when I decided everyone who crosses OTRB should have the same grand welcome.  In the last 12 months I’ve been privileged to meet many Pals as they arrive OTRB.  Our Welcome Banquets are now legendary !  
Being OTRB certainly hasn’t slowed me up !  My buddies are still my buddies, and now I have even more new buddies !  “Life” is a real hoot ! Now I don’t recommend you rush to get here, but when you do arrive, we do a lot of really cool things !  

During this last year I also won an Anipal Academy Award !  Plus a “Star” on the Walk of Fame !  *struts around showing off for a quick minute*
The Awards I won were a complete surprise to Mum and I !  We had no idea and we were both very moved by everyone’s kind votes.  The next day, when the FedX truck pulled up, you should have seen Mum’s face !  BOL !  And the neighbors too ! They all saw a box arrive, that was addressed to “Pepi” ! *throwing #Mansequins in the air*

Mum has my Award on display and I overheard her talking to some people about a “Pepi Update” Media article.  I’ll keep you posted !  Soon I will share my life story with everyone on my Personal Blog: “Smart Dog Blog”.  I will be sure to let you all know when I get that done.

I haven’t just been laying around on fluffy clouds either !  I invented #Mansequins and created "Fierce Style", and then became a Journalist with The Anipal Times, where I write "Sparklicious" Fashion, the OTRB Column, plus The Personals and I even write Book Reviews !  Stop by and read my articles sometime, I’m sure you’ll get a few giggles.  Please leave a comment too; I read every comment.  Here’s a piccie of one of our ATs Staff Meetings, with @CokieTheCat and @JazzydaCat;  Cokie is our ATs Editor & Chief.

I have also become a “Barktender”.   I’m a rather flamboyant Barktender, tossing Blenders in the air and tipping Fridges over.  I can boast the most beautiful delivery Hostesses though: my "OTRB Pepi Showgirls" !  They never spill the drinks either.  In-between serving drinks, we dance up a storm !  Probably too many Shazam Wonder's ! specialty drink....1/2 hour later, you wonder: "Why am I dancing? "  BOL !

I know Mum misses me every single day.  We used to run 6 miles every day but now she just can’t run without me.  I keep reminding her I’m right here with her....but most of all, I live on in her heart.   Time and space aren’t going to change anything, because she is my “forever family”.  One day when Mum finds herself at The Rainbow Bridge,  I’ll be waiting for my Pram.  Then we will be together again, forever.  Together, we are a “forever family”.

I can’t finish without mentioning my favorite signature songs: 
 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" by "Israel Kamakawiwo  
"Born Free"   Beautiful short Piano Concerto 
"Born Free" sung by  Andy Williams 
"The Circle of Life" by Elton John & Tim Rice

Beautiful piccie by my dear friend @ChatteMuse XXX  Note Bubby Kangaroo's Mommy scattering gold   for all Pals everywhere.....Most stunning picture !


  1. How lovely! So nice to watch! You've made the Rainbow Bridge so very colorful and festive, know the residents are so happy to have you! Words just can't say how special you and your Mum have become to so many. Bless you both! XOXOXO! Give Lizzy a hug for me & the kids!

  2. Pepi, we love you so much! Your zest for life, huge heart, and love of all things fun give all of us important life lessons. Thank you for hanging with us when you could be romping in the clouds 24/7! Nosetaps!

  3. Pepi, you are my favorite barktender. You know when a bear needs his Baileys. Hugs for you and your mum.

  4. (((Hugs))) to you and your momma. I seen my Jo's in the picture at teh bottom <3. Boy I miss that little girl every day. You're momma helped me out when Josie went OTRB. I just hope that sweet baby girl remembers me and that I wish she was here every day.

    Happy Angelversery!

  5. Peps, my love, it warms my heart that you're there to receive all of the anipals that have passed on OTRB. You're such a special dog and I can understand why your mum misses you so much. You're right, you are in her heart and in the hearts of everyone who has ever come in contact with you. Sending you all my love! grrlysquirrel

  6. Hi Buddy! We loved seeing all your pics again and the videos, which we have never seen. Dat one of you in red/white/blue dancing is a real HOOT. Pal, you never told me you were a racer. Had I known, we could have zoomed all over planet earth together cuz I can "burn rubber" pretty well myself.

  7. Oh my, Pepi - those red, white & blue knee socks are so on trend, and the mansequins look even better on a fringe!

    So good to know that you're at RB to welcome the friends who pass. I know it must help their humans - it certainly helps me and NJ when we're sad about losing another anipal.

  8. Peps - mom and i were so sad when u crossed da Rainbow Bridge, but u haf been der to meet so many anipals and make it easier fur der families. u truly haf a spechul place in our hearts. xoxo BJC

  9. Dear Pepi wat a bewtiful articul, your mum iz so prowd of you an you iz teh sweetest to welcum all teh anipals OTRB an bring joy to they an theyr famblies. Luvs you *purrkiss*

  10. Pepi, thanks for all your love and support you have shown countless anipals and their humans in tough times. If we had special eyes, I'm sure we would be able to see your angel wings :) xoxo

  11. Hello my beloved Pal !! Quoting Kailey: Happy Angelversary.

    Much love to you and your mom.

    From your cat brother,

  12. Such a sweet post. Purrs of love to you, your mom and your cat siblings. xo

  13. weez luv urs post & so glad U is still wif Us Pepi,U da best !!!!