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Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome to LouisLeBeau & Tweetypie54 "Gunner"

Hello.  I'm PepiSmartDog.
Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting @Tweetypie54 at The Rainbow Bridge.  "Gunner" wasn't planning on arriving here so soon; we didn't realize he was arriving !  We know his Mom and Dad are very sad at this time, and missing his cute face.
What a lucky boy Gunner is with his Halloween Cards ! He got "fan mail" !  But Mom and Dad, as I write this article, Gunner is  dancing in a Conga line, wearing his signature black sunglasses, and drinking Bacon Beer while setting Pizza eating records !
It will be interesting to see which Rainbow Bridge Clubs Gunner decides to join.  Maybe he will purrfect RB Bacon Beer !!
As I was preparing to meet Gunner, #Nipclub graciously put their celebrations on hold and all the #Nipclub Pals joined in Gunner's Welcome OTRB.
It was almost embarrassing when Gunner discovered the keg of Bacon Beer in my Pram ! Luckily, @TheRustCat had already placed a 'Special RB tennis ball' in the Pram, so Gunner could get ready for a ball game when he arrived.
I was able to distract Gunner by waving the ball in-front of his face.  BOL !  This distracted Gunner and gave me time to seal up the Bacon Beer.  Pheww !  Pals you can all look forward to hearing lots more from Gunner himself, after he settles in a bit more.  Make sure you look for his cute dial (face BOL !) in our OTRB piccie series.

Just three weeks ago we welcomed @LouisLeBeau OTRB;  another much loved Twitter Pal.  Louis's Mom is still very very sad and missing her Louis every day.
Louis's Mom could really use a hug, he was her "Special Guy" and although the days pass, her pain is still raw.  Look how handsome Louis is in his Bow Tie !  OTRB Louis is creating an entire line of stylish Bow Ties for Pawty Wear !  Even he didn't realize he was SO talented in the Style Dept !  I believe "Sparklicious" will be ordering Louis's entire range ! 
I am pleased to announce I will be Interviewing Louis in one of my upcoming @AnipalTimes OTRB Columns.  I look forward to sitting down with Louis and listening to his story. 
Infact, I intend to Interview all our Pals who arrive here at the Rainbow Bridge !  Each one of us has such interesting and varied backgrounds;  this is another reason why OTRB is so much fun !  We all bring our life's experiences with us.  We all share our fun times with each other.  We only remember fun times;  we have no sad or unhappy memories.  

On behalf of all Pals on Twitter who knew and loved Gunner and Louis, I send a giant group hug and lots of love to Louis's family and to Gunner's family.  All Pals on Twitter want Louis and Gunner's families to know they are loved and are being sent many prayers and #pawcircles of love, comfort and strength.

On behalf of Pals here OTRB, please know we are taking very good care of your "babies" (we don't call them babies...BOL ! ...but we know the humans do !).  Remember to look up and see the flickering stars.  It's US !!!  It's us waving to you !   We love you.
*looking out from my Pram*  What a view !!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for welcoming our friends. I heard from my beloved Labbie Mr. Shaq & Ms. Shasta that Gunner joined them for Pizza Crust and swimming in the warm pond.

  2. I'm so glad you're there to welcome all who arrive at the Rainbow Bridge. You're doing a great job!

  3. Its such a comfort to know that its so perfect OTRB.It is ALIVE with joy and love,so many adventures await.Pasihugs xxxx

  4. Thank you so much Pepi,it's comforting to know Gunner is not alone & sad,I know he's free of pain & meds oh how he hated taking meds! HUGS HUGS xooxox

  5. Thank you so much Pepi for welcoming both Louis and Gunner. Both were such good friends dat it was very sad to see them go. But, I know you and your OTRB gang are taking good care of dem and you are all having a BLAST up there. I visualize you having such a great time, dat I look forward to being there some day too. It doesn't sound so scary anymore. HUGS to Louis, Gunner and all our friends OTRB.

  6. Thank you Pepi for taking such good care of all of our furry family. We wish we could have known you longer before you went OTRB, but it is good to hear from you now and everyone that has joined you.

  7. So sorry to hear about Louis and Gunner passing over the bridge, but at least they have dear anipals like you Pepi to care for them until their forever families can join them some day in the future. I know that the humans they left behind miss Louis and Gunner terribly and these are hard days for them. They should find comfort in the fact that their furry friends are no longer in pain and that they will always have the fondest memories.

  8. Thank you for your comfort and your welcoming of our dear friends, Pepi! and a big huggle to all the RB welcoming committee. I think that our @Ryker_Tyker will be first in line at the buffet table; Man, he could sure eat! Hugs and waves to all my dear friends at the waving cloud; i never miss a day to wave to you all; You are all in my heart forever! XO

  9. and now we willl all welcome @Ryker_Tyker HUGS xoxoox