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Saturday, November 20, 2010

#BBoT Motorcade From Porch to The Rainbow Bridge

Today is Inigo's day to journey to The Rainbow Bridge. (Indigo is brofur to @Rumblepurr)

He has fought a brave fight but today he boards my Pram and together we will cross OTRB, where Inigo will be met by many Pals at his own "Special Welcome Banquet"

I invite all Pals to join in honoring Inigo by joining the #BadBoyzofTwitter Official Motorcade !   The motorcade will commence at 4pm EST, when the BadBoyz will ride in a Guard of Honor, ahead of all Pals, as you move toward the Rainbow Bridge.  

Pals will be able to wave to Inigo as he stands at The Gate.  I will already be waiting for him, on the other side of that Gate.  I will meet Inigo, and drive him to his Banquet Hall, where preparations are already underway!  Rumble's and his Mum will be watching from the sidelines.

Although it is a very sad time, please remember:  when we are OTRB, time and space do not change a thing.  On the day Inigo's Mum, or Rumbles finds themselves at The Bridge, Inigo will be there waiting for them and once again, they will be together.....forever.

Join in this wonderful outpouring of love, by accompanying #BadBoyzofTwitter on their "Official Motorcade for Inigo" !  Please note: the #PinkAngels will also ride in the Motorcade too !


  1. Oh we heard about Inigo so sorry he lost his fight but we know that he will have a good life OTRB with so many of our other pals.

  2. Been a sad week losing Ryker_Tyker and Inigo. XXXXX

  3. *sniffles....... So Sad...Poor Inigo's Momma.... Pepi Did you see my sister Jade, is she helping you?? *waving to all of you XOXOXOX

  4. We will all miss Inigo, but know he will be in a very happy place, running free, and will be surrounded with many friends.

  5. We will all miss you Inigo. Sending love to you, Rumbles and your people.

  6. Mom is crying alligator tears over here. We're so sorry to hear that my funk soul twin brother is leaving the Rumble family, even if it is to go over the Rainbow Bridge.

    So much love to you all.
    Cokie the Cat
    funk soul brother of Inigo Flufflebum

  7. Oh dear Pepi I knows you make hims trip OTRB az speshul az it can be, Inigo will be sad to leaves him fambly but then hims pals will be there an hims will run free an healthy an happy again.

  8. Sadly, this has been a busy week for you. Thank you for all you do for all of us when one of our loved ones goes OTRB. It really helps that we get to give Inigo and all the others a grand sendoff when they go.

  9. Pepi, It does make me feel so much better to know you are there at the RB to welcome so many of our pals. I'm so sad for Ryker_Tyker and now Inigo, but I know they'll be taken care of in grand style. We'll see you later pal... *wiping away the tears*
    Your pal furever,
    Cosmo Havanese

  10. So many pals crossing The RB this week *heavy sighs & wet eyes*. Much love to Rumblepurr & Rumblemum fur da loss of Inigo - we are all here fur you, always.

    Pepi will make sure he's well taken care of OTRB, until you can all be together again someday (but please let that "someday" be FAR FAR in the future!)

    Love to you all,

  11. Today is a vary sad day for all the anipals. We shall watch as Inigo leaves us and goes Over The Rainbow Bridge with his family and furiends waving. I feel better to know he will be with other furiends at the RB. We love yoo forever Inigo. XOXO, Leo

  12. Today is a sad day but BBoT will make it very special! Being a newer member I will be in the back somewhere and available to give hugs to anyone!

    Nice to know that the anipals are well cared for isn't it? HUGS Murphy

  13. Our deepest sadness for the family. Jack will help him find some nice new clothes & take him golfing. xoxoxo

  14. Thank you all. Inigo loved being loved. This means so much to us all.

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  16. PepiSmartDog: Oh Wallas E Katt...your song is just beautiful !!! *Mum covered in tears!* Thank you so much for that. I will make sure @Rumblepurr & his Mum get to read it ! HUGS XXXX
    Also, thank you to everyone who is leaving comments for @Rumblepurr and his sad family. HUGS to each of you. XXXXX

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    (sing to tune of 'Two Little Boys')

    Two little boys had two little toys
    Each had a little Thwack
    Gaily they played each summer’s day
    Warriors both of course
    One little chap then had a mishap
    Broke off his thwacker’s tail
    Wept for his toy, then cried with joy
    As his young playmate said

    Did you think I would leave you crying
    When there's room on my tree for two
    Climb up here, Rumbles and don't be crying
    I can play just as fast with two
    When we grow up we'll both be soldiers
    And our thwackers will not be toys
    And I wonder if we'll remember when we were
    Two little boys

    Long years past, floof came so fast
    Bravely they playfighted away
    Growling roared loud and in the mad crowd
    Wounded and purring lay, up goes a shout
    A cat dashes out, out from the ranks so blue
    Gallops away to where Inigo lay, then came a voice he knew

    Did you think I would leave you dieing
    When there's room on my tree for two
    Climb up here, Inigo we'll soon be playing
    I can play just as fast with two
    Did you say Inigo I'm all a-rumble, perhaps it's the battle’s noise
    But I think it’s that I remember when we were two little boys

    Do you think I would leave you dieing
    There's room on my tree for two
    Climb up here, Inigo we'll soon be playing
    You’re up in the sky, so blue
    Can you feel Inigo, I'm all a-rumble, yes - it's the purring noise
    Because it is that I remember when we were Two Little Boys

    * RIP Inigo *
    @WallasEKatt & @IsaGold xox

    (Credit to 'Two Little Boys', written by Theodore Morse, sung by Rolf Harris & others)

  19. I'm so very sorry that Inigo must leave his family - he will be welcomed & well looked after by all his friends at RB
    Safe journey & wear your seatbelt, Pepi is a demon driver!

  20. Firstly, I'm not one who normally comments on blogs, as I find my words usually end up just wasting space but this blog and the events of the past few weeks have deeply moved me. Secondly, except for the absolutely brilliant version of "Two Little Boys" by @WallasEKatt & @IsaGold, I haven’t read the many other comments on this webpage because I am probably going to reiterate many thoughts already spoken. I promise you I will read them after I've posted and then berate myself for not having thought of that or said this!

    Although, I did not know @inigoflufflebum (and have only recently had the pleasure of meeting @rumblepurr, who is an utter delight!), I was incredibly inspired by the many gatherings to celebrate his life, particularly on Sunday at 1600 hours (New Zealand time). Let's not kid ourselves although the majority of us who attended the #porchwithinigo and #pawpawty were speaking on behalf of our anipals it was human sentiments being emoted. We may be the typist our anipals use to show love and friendship on twitter but we are really humanising them. Oh dear, the #wlf will most certainly now deregister Cadet @JessieJaney for not controlling her huMum!

    My first conversation with @PepiSmartDog occurred just 14 hours before he escorted Inigo over the Rainbow Bridge. At that time I told him to get some sleep as he'd been working way too long and late ensuring that everything would be perfect for Inigo, RumblePurr and their human family.

    It was the most incredible and emotion filled ceremony I have ever attended. I couldn't count the number of people who, via their anipals, articulated their feeling of loss; my guess would be 100's. We were not just saying goodbye to Inigo but we were saying farewell to every beloved anipal who had ever touched our hearts. My emotions were raw but with each comment made by @PepiSmartDog I was healing. He took us on a wondrous journey which made me smile and even laugh but, most of all, be grateful that I had got up off my arse and turned the computer on so I could watch the events of the day transpire.

    Thank you to the all the staff who organise the #pawpawty events, a more dedicated bunch of anipals I've yet to meet. They manage to coordinate such fun from the 4 corners of the World! Thank you also must go to the members of the #BadBoyzofTwitter and the #PinkAngels for their motorcade escorting Inigo.

    My sincere gratitude to Pepi for your brilliant wordsmanship that enabled us to envision such a beautiful dream! Through your webpage and your "Over the Rainbow Bridge" ceremony you have helped so many of us celebrate a life.

    @JessieJaney's huMum