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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome @TheNascarKitty OTRB

How fitting that our first loved Pal to arrive at our OTRB blog is @TheNascarKitty.  Many of you know him as Tommy Tiger, or simply Tommy.  He runs the #NipClub, a smokey bacon establishment of fun !  

I was privileged to drive Tommy's brofur @_Bill_The_Cat in my Pram, and together we met Tommy at the Rainbow Bridge.  Our drive involved a bit of dancing and lots of music !  We looked very spiffy in our Gold Helmets !  As often happens, when we arrived at the grounds of the Banquet Hall, Tommy and Bill ran around like crazy kittehs, for quite some time.  

TheNascarKitty, brofur Bill & Pepi
This was a big deal, because Tommy hasn't been able to run for some time;  not since his old hips started to play up.When Bill and Tommy were up in the tall trees, still wearing their Gold Helmets, they looked like 2 gold coconuts !  BOL ! 
It sure was a nice moment when Tommy and @DCKitty were reunited !  "At Last" by Etta James  ♫

DCKitty & TheNascarKitty
You can't begin to imagine the mayhem we got up to during Tommy's Welcome Banquet.  @ChatteMuse and her sisfur Hailey, led the Conga line.  @_Bill_The_Cat  was singing non-stop.  @Ri_Guy was doing a dance called "Crumping".  *good lord*  How he didn't pull a muscle was beyond me !  I offered to play the bagpipes and everyone shouted "NO" !  I would have loved to have seen Riley Crumping to my bagpipes !  BOL !

Ri_Guy (bottom) & MedusaJ (top)
Then @MedusaJ followed Riley and did a dance called "Chomping".   BOL !!  It involved a lot of teeth flashing as she kicked her heels up and spun in all directions.  This was rather amazing because Medusa only got her new teeth since she arrived here OTRB (she didn't have hardly any teeth before).

Throughout all this, TommyTiger danced and pawtied like an old paw !  He has settled into the Rainbow Bridge purrfectly.  It's rather exciting for all of us, because we now have #NipClub non-stop.  BOL !

#NipClub fun
You can look forward to seeing @TheNascarKitty popping up quite regularly in our OTRB antics piccies.

A special reminder to everyone: @Ri_Guy would have been 11 years old today !  So tonight, Riley will probably eat 11 pizzas !  BOL ! *I better get the breath mints out !*
If you have a story of a Pal here OTRB, please contact me here, or @PepiSmartDog on Twitter, and I will include your story too.
Remember that we love you !
*looking out from my Pram*   What a View !


  1. it beary gud too see tommy havin funs lyke a kitten agen OTRB *hug hug* fank yew fur ths

  2. You all haz so much funs ovar there, I sure teh Cookie cat an Lily an Mezar an poodles Mimsy an Nannette iz playin an dancing wiv efurryone too!

  3. It looks as though life OTRB will be all the richer for Tommy's arrival imagine all that bacon beer flowing!

  4. Amazing! What fun they're all having, reborn as kittens and puppys again :) Lets hope Pepi helps keep them all in check (but not too much BOL!!)

  5. I really have to get up to the RB soon and see everyone. You guys are having a blast!

  6. so happy 2 see all da fun U is hassin up der !! @Nascarkitty &@Ri_Guy & @pepismartdog U all Rock my pals xxxxx