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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Greetings From All Of Us OTRB

Greetings from all of us OTRB !
Over the last few weeks we have welcomed more Pals OTRB than ever before.   If we knew where the key was, we would lock the Rainbow Gate, because although we love welcoming each new Pal, we know their family is left sad.  Please try and send a hug or an uplifting tweet to any family whose Pal you know has made the journey OTRB.  
When you hear a Pal has started on his or her RB journey, please let me know so I can meet them and let their family know their Pal has settled in, surrounded by other loving Pals.  If I have missed your Pal in this list, please just let me know and I will be glad to include you too.

@Cowboy_the_dog was only young and arrived OTRB unexpectedly.  His Golden Oldie brofur, Scamp, was waiting at the Banquet Hall, to surprise Cowboy when he arrived for his Welcome Banquet.  Scamp only arrived OTRB last year, so losing 2 doggies within one year is very difficult for their Mom.

@Informedferret's James (left) and his brofur Lance, who also only arrived within the year.  Lance and James are both action guys, who enjoy exploring all sorts of new things together.  They are also rather partial to many outfits !

@GiorgioMaltese's Gilbert and Sullivan, on their way to Sullivan's Welcome Banquet.  Gilbert was already here, and both brofurs were reunited OTRB on Xmas Day.  They have already begun rehearsing in the Theatre Club!  Notice even in my Pram, they were singing an aria from La Bohme!

@MrTibbsatAP's Weezo; a sweet Golden Oldie and a new member to The Orange Boyz.  Weezo loves sun baking while laying in a bed of soft Maidenhair Fern.  He also loves zooming around on his "Orange Chaos" motorbike!  BOL!

@HollieCatRocks pictured with her Husband @SamTheCatRocks.  Together they have begun an OTRB Wedding Planners service.  They specialize in Honeymoon destinations! *honeyMOON* BOL!

@BostonBull1999's Brooklyn  has been a real hit in the Frisbee Team.  His ability to leap thru the air, do a double rotation flip and execute a perfect landing, is amazing!  

@ZackMadDog was only a teenager when he was hit by a car and killed.  He has joined the Ball Club, where running and leaping is part of the fun!

@Pkitass 's Tiki, who was only young and arrived OTRB unexpectedly.   Tiki has signed up for Theatre Classes and Basketball too !  He says he's always wanted to fly thru the air and dunk the ball, and now he can!

@SNOBBB  Snobbb has taken a shine  to designing couture, along with @LouisLeBeau.  I can't wait to see his finished collection!  He is also launching a new line of Specialty Pizzas! *drooling*

@Schnille's Mookie (and his much travelled brofur ) Lippe, danced their way to Mookie's Welcome Banquet.  Mookie has teamed up with Paul The Octopus and together they have become a Soccer force to reckon with (as they lead the Soccer Team.)

@Beautifulsuzieq's Zach, has joined my golf team!  He says his astounding short game has got nothing to do with stature! *impressive*  Bet his Mom never knew he loved plaid pants!

@Pillbug's Orlando; a dear Golden Oldie and new member to The Orange Boyz.  Orlando has fallen inlove with @RudyCKat's Spa & Beautification products!  Especially the orange enhancing spritzer!

@NannersMom's Chonchi, a dearly loved Bunny boy, who enjoys Rudy's Spa on a regular basis.  Chonchi has joined @PuzTheCat's Basketball Team - jumping and thumping is one of his fortes!

@MizzBassie's Rufus; very precious Golden Oldie and another new member to The Orange Boyz.  Being a laid back guy, Rufus has offered his services as a Taste Tester at the Banquet Hall.  BOL!

@JulieMangano's Willie who has joined @TheRustCat's Tennis Ball Chasing team.  Willie loves running very fast!  He is particularly good at zooming, stopping on a dime and zooming back again.

Tavia, the kitteh who was tragically starved to death, in her own abandoned house, as outsiders took photographs of her thru the windows.  Unfortunately no-one was brave enough to break a window and let her out, so she died a slow death of hunger and thirst.

@ChubDogg's Seamus has joined the Swim Team, and also my Golf Team!  Works out great for us, because if anyone hits a ball into the water, Seamus swims in and gets it for us.  BOL!

@ChoeBe's Amadeo;  sweet Golden Oldie.  Amadeo is designing Couture Dog wear that comes with a matching designer cocktail.  I am most excited to see the finished results.  

@Braverachel14's Chipper; a dear Golden Oldie.  Chipper has started our first Baseball Team.  He says he has to test each ball by everyone pitching it and then everyone has to run after it to see how far it goes.  Wait till you see their new outfits! 

Paul The Octopus,  global celebrity for choosing the World Cup soccer teams.  Paul and Mookie have teamed up to lead the Soccer Team!  I have a saying they will use as their banner when playing other teams:  "Memento Mori" (translation: Remember that YOU are mortal!)  BOL !  So funny, cause we all now have extra special skills.  Hee! Hee!

Bubby, one of Mum's orphaned Kangaroo Joey babies.  His mum suffered a freak accident and had to be PTS, leaving Bubby orphaned.  Tragically Bubby was killed by a fox one week later. 

8 month old Kangaroo Joey boy (one of Mum's Roo rescues, who sadly fell victim to Myopathy and had to be PTS).

Thank you for taking time to read this.  All comments are greatly appreciated.  *waves paw from Pram*  What A View !!


  1. Beautiful update. Let's lock the gate on 2010, at least!!

  2. How beautiful, well I'm not surprised that Paul and Mookie are running the football league OTRB! Does this mean Germany will win everything there as well as here! Heee heee heeee just joking!

  3. Aaaah Pepi so many new arrivals!!! Thanks for the update...its a labour of love,Pasikisses

  4. deer pepi *hug hug* fank yew fur ths luvly update on owah furends OTRB - it gud fur us too kno how them dowin :) mookie nd paul neffa stop luffin futball i finks :)

  5. Pepi,
    Thank you for the wonderful OTRB update, and THANK YOU for all you do to ease the pain of loss our hoomans feel when we cross the RB. You are my hero!

    Am heading to the hardware store to get a HUGE lock & chain for the RB-there have been far to many anipals crossing lately. At least we know you are waiting in your Golden Pram to see them safely home. Love you Pepi!

  6. Beautiful tribute to some great pals. OMC there were way too many this time.

  7. Thanks for the update! It's good to hear that our anipals are doing so well OTRB!

  8. Thank you for the lovely update, Pepi. I sure wish the key could be found to lock the doors to RB but it is so wonderful knowing you and all the others OTRB are there to welcome our sweet dear friends; thank you so very much! xo

  9. Dearest Pepi, we're all so grateful for everything you do for animal and family alike when one of crosses the Rainbow Bridge. It's a comfort knowing that you're so well organized to take care of new arrivals and that our furriends have so many beloved pals there to take care of them. It's truly a comfort knowing that when our pals leave us, it's to go to someplace so wonderful and loving.

  10. Beautiful post Pepi... You do such a wonderful job. Thanks...

    pawhugs, Max

  11. Thank you.... It means alot to us to know that Tiki Tiki is remembered.... I hope he is having fun and enjoying himself.

  12. I am so impressed with each of the unique tributes to all those dear anipals. It does help make one less sad when we think about how much fun they are all having OTRB. Hugs to you Michelle for your creativity and caring.

  13. awww thanks Pepi, yes your right we specialize in Honeymoon destinations but we do run a wedding planner service up here OTRB. Thank you for getting us all up here safe and sound! Special thanks for mai husband Sammy, for escorting me paw in paw. love you all! xoxoxo

  14. beary nice update. It is good to know that all the twitter pals meet over the rainbow bridge so they are not alone up there.