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Monday, December 6, 2010

RudyCKat's 1st Memorial Anniversary

One year ago on December 7th, 2009, Rudy boarded my Pram and together we drove across The Rainbow Bridge.  What most Pals do not know is that the same day we arrived OTRB, it was also Rudy's 2nd Birthday.  Rudy was only a young teenager when he crossed The Rainbow Bridge.

Photograph: RudyCKat
When we arrived at the Banquet Hall, Rudy slid our of my Pram, floofed his tail, then proceeded to waltz up the steps !  Waiting on the other side were all our OTRB Pals.  Rudy didn't know it, but @PuzTheCat had a beautiful Welcome Banquet Dinner waiting for him !  Rudy pawtied the night away, dancing with his buddies.
Photograph: Back row:  Rudy's Welcome Pawty ! Notice Rudy "bustin some moves" ! BOL ! @OscarTheCat, @SamTheCatRocks;  Middle row from left: @Zaziart's Chip, @JoyRecruiteRite, @Danapixie's Jonathon, @PuzTheCat, @ChatteMuse, @PrincessGwenie's Jack, @PepiSmartDog;  Front row: @RudyCKat.  Picture by PepiSmartDog.
Rudy quickly set the standard for 'immaculate grooming'.  His manicured dewclaws, the way he constantly floofed his tail in all directions and the gentlemanly tossing of his mane made up us all stand on our paws and take note.   Being the generous gentleman that Rudy is, he offered to help Pals learn the art of "Floofing".    This was an instant success !  Rudy's dream of running his own Spa & Beautification Salon was now in motion.

Photograph: Rudy finally talked me into trying his Signature Tuna Oatmeal Spa Bath !  PepiSmartDog (left) & RudyCKat (right).  Picture by PepiSmartDog.
 Finally I agreed to try Rudy's signature "Tuna & Oatmeal Spa Bath".  Warmed tuna, with just softened oatmeal, both moisturized and exfoliated me at the same time, while calming me with the heady aroma of tuna.!   And when I got peckish, it was mighty tasty too.  I couldn't wait to tell everyone about Rudy's new venture.
Photograph:  Rudy's Spa & Beautification Salon.  Bookings essential ! @RudyCKat  (front) & @MedusaJ (in background). Picture by PepiSmartDog.
"Rudy's Spa & Beautification Salon"opened ! He realized his dream and we were all so excited for him !  OTRB now has it's own 12 Stars Spa !  You will not understand what "being spoiled" is, until you experience Rudy's paws !  
Photograph:  Rudy convinced us to try his Spa !  Clockwise from left:  @LexiLouDog, @PuzTheCat, @PepiSmartDog, @OscarTheCat, @ChatteMuse, @SamTheCatRocks & @RudyCKat (in top right corner).  Picture by PepiSmartDog.
This picture was taken on Rudy's first day of being open.   We were lined up outside, waiting for him to arrive ! BOL !  See some of our beauty secrets: 'Rudy's Rainbow Face Packs' and 'R.B. Eye Rejuvenators'.  Look how happy Rudy looks !  
Photograph: Pals enjoying Rudy's Spa.  From left: Back row: @NannersMom's Chonchis, @Informedferret's Lance, @Informedferret's James,  @ChoeBe's Amadeo;  Front row: @ChatteMuse's Hailey, @TheNascarKitty, @RudyCKat.  Picture by PepiSmartDog.
Rudy's Spa is the place to be for both young and old Pals.  Bookings are essential.  We sip special RB drinks get pampered !  We are truly blessed to have Rudy, but more than anything, to have him as a friend.  Rudy is a great guy, full of surprises !  Here are some Rudy facts from before he arrived OTRB: 
Rudy tried farming, but it was murder on his hair!
He then tried music, but the combination of Saxaphone and Yoga took a toll.....on his mane.
No door is Rudy proof, including fridge doors !
He tried his paw at Theatre, but it took so long to get dressed for each scene. *sigh*
Rudy loves Barktending ! He even has a secret OTRB ingredient for his own Signature drink !  Make sure you try one next time he's Barktending.
Rudy still looks after his sisfur @MaggieTKat and his new little brofur @ParkerSKat, even though he is now OTRB.
This is for Rudy's Mom:  Rudy got you this "sippi cup" with one of our Signature Rainbow Bridge songs on it:  "Born Free".
Rudy we love you and are proud of all you do !  You are a good friend to many Pals.  Our lives are richer for knowing you.  You bring us joy and laughter, plus really good hair !  BOL !

Photograph:  inside "Rudy's Spa & Beautification Salon".  @Ryker_Tyker (seated) and @RudyCKat;  @MedusaJ (in background).  Picture by PepiSmartDog.
Please leave a comment for Rudy and his family.   This is a profoundly sad time for his Mom, so all uplifting comments are much appreciated.  Thank you.  XXX
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  1. We wave to you every night dear Rudy! Mama shows me where to stand to see the waving cloud; she knows where it is. Paws to heart dear Rudy and hugs to your family.

  2. {{{HUGS}}}} to Rudy's Mom on this sad anniversary. We know Rudy is extremely happy running "Rudy's Spa & Beautification Salon" OTRB, and all anipals now look pawsome because he's so good at what he does! Purrrs & softpaw love to Maggie & Parker today too. <3 <3 <3

  3. I am glad we are here together OTRB, and you has this spa and beautification salon. I know is diffcult time right now, anniversary, I hit my one week mark the other day. Thank you Pepi for a wonderful triubte to Rudy. Much love and purrs to your fambly. *soft paw

  4. Thanks for the smiles. That is how he lived, a delightful chap.

    mags and Mom

  5. he he Petie thanks for this. It's putting smiles on our faces. We miss Rudy, but are so very happy when he does come back to visit. Rudy certaily knows how to primp and floof. I know he's a great Spa Manager. What a guy!

  6. Rudy's Spa almost makes me want to go over the Bridge... Comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to his family. I know you miss him and we are all with you in our thoughts on this anniversary. More Comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  7. We do miss Rudy so much and we're always happy to see him when he comes to visit during important events. We send gentle pawhugs to his Mama & to Maggie & Parker as well. Love, JinJin & Pixel

  8. I only met Rudy after he went OTRB, but I bet he was a wonderful kitty for the Kruse household. My love to all of you.

    Rudy my pal, you do a wonderful thing with your spa and make all the OTRB anipals very happy. I'm proud to know you.

  9. Love the Spa Rudy !!! All the lucky OTRB anipals !

  10. Thank you for the wonderful tribute and update, Pepi. Lots of snuggly lovings to Maggie and Parker and their most excellent of cat moms.


  11. What a lovely post. I've only really got to know MaggieTKat and her fun loving hooman. Rudy I am glad you have your spa and that Lance and James are making use of it. They love floofing der tails too. *hugs to Maggie, Parker, and Mom*

  12. deer rudy livin lyfe large OTRB and what a fabulous spa! thank you pepi fur bringing us smiles on these diffikult deys *hug hug*

  13. Rudy has us all N da mudd bath here OTRB spa wat would weez do wif out him !! he's reel hairdresser 2 da starz HUGS xooxox

  14. Rudy, I'm sorry that I never got to know you, but I'm happy that your OTRB life is so fabulous! I wish I could "floof" MY tail, but they cut mine off when I was only 3 days old! What's up with that??? Anywho, I want you to know that my Mommy always has me say special pwayers for all OTRB anipals, and I'm adding you to my pwayer list as of tonight :)

  15. The Rudster had all the moves and was a great Barktender at the PawPawty events. Shake us a cocktail mai pal until we meet again

  16. We miss you Rudy. You crossed over a a very young age, way too young. You didn't get to experience very much of this old world, but we still hold you and your family in a dear spot in our hearts.

  17. I never knew you, Rudy, but you were obviously very popular and a great anipal. You were very young when you went OTRB but I'm glad to see you are having such a great time *tailwags*

  18. Rudy you sure do have a beautiful tail, can you tell me how to "floof" my tail? Grooming has never been my specialty, but you sure do have it down pat!

  19. Rudy, please say hello to my special pup Duke who also relaxes over the rainbow. Pets remind me of the impermanence of our our lives, and to enjoy each day as it melts away.

  20. Rudy, you're really having a blast OTRB! Please say hi to my Tigger, Tory and Mathilda when you see them.
    Coonhound hugs!

  21. (((((((hugs)))))))) thinking of you....this was a beautiful tribute!

  22. Big hugs to Rudy's family...

    Another great tribute, Pepi. Thanks!

  23. awww. so sorry you had to go to the RB so early Rudy, but it looks like it is far more fabulous with you over there! I love Pepi's little pawsies sticking out of the signature oatmeal tuna bath! Keep Living Large on the other side! -Puppy the guinea pig

  24. It is clear you are a special and spectacular fellow. Living large OTRB. I aspire to be as wonderful and loved as you. Huge hugs for you and your family.

    Much Love

  25. Thank you for Rudy's tribute, Pepi.

    I didn't get to know Rudy. I did win his last pawty price and then, before I could thank him, he had crossed over. So, Rudy, thank you for my pwice and thank you for helping others. Hugs to your Mom and your family who will never forget you.


  26. Rudy is so handsome nd will never lose his youthful looks.A great tribute to a grand lad...Pasikisses

  27. We do miss you Rudy I can't imagine that it has been a year already. Wow that tuna and oatmeal bath, only you and Pepi could do such a thing!

  28. We still think of Rudy often and it is so nice to see photos of his adorable wittle whiskers!
    Thanks for taking the time to do this, it brightened our day.

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  29. Rudy, dude, we love it when you can get a pass and come down to visit us in spirit. We're glad to know you're ok and back in the pink OTRB. Stop by any time you can. You're the best.
    *ducky hugs*

    Rooody! We luvs yoo!!!
    *kitty smooch*

  30. Oh Pepi! Thanks for all the great memories! Our mama lost it when she saw the "born free" post. Her mama asked dat she sings dat songs for her when she spread her ashes. Mama crys everytimes. You special to us and your tributes are beautiful! xoxoxo Raven, Thor, Rio and mama Lisa